CSM Bakery Producs CSM is the leading player in its sectors worldwide; the largest supplier of bakery products and a leading player in natural food preservation, green chemicals and biopolymers .
CSM's market position is driven by a powerful ambition: driving its customer's success.

Karp’s. Scoop-N-Bake® Muffin Batters, Cookies, Brownie, Cake, Puff Pastry, Cinnamon & Orange Rolls.
H.C. Brill collection of glazes, icings, toppings, fillings, Frozen Cakes, Whipped Topping.
Orth. A full line of breads and mixes, Focaccia & Cobbler Sheets, Variety Savory Breads and Quick Bread.
Henry & Henry
. Quality fruit, crème and No Sugar Added Fillings, Redi-Pak Pastry Fillings, Dips, Piping Gel, Finishers, Flavors & Emulsions and Streusels, Marbling Chocolate & Smears.
Murray's. Sundae toppings, Chocolate Syrups, Marshmallow Toppings, Ready-to-Use Fountain Syrups, Sherbet, Slush Bases & Flavors.
*** Newly acquired companies by CSM: Telco - Best Brands - Multifoods
website: www.csmglobal.com - www.hcbrill.com