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Philadelphia Cheesesteak Founded in 1981, The Original Philadelphia Cheesesteak Company is one of the oldest, largest and best known manufacturers of quality Philly Style Steak and Chicken Steak sandwich nationwide. Customer loyalty and product authenticity has been the key to the company's growth and success. more info | website
Wick's Pies Is the official pie of the State of Indiana. Wick's has been in the pie manufacturing business for over 60 years, offering to the Foodservice and Retail industries, as well as In-Store-Bakeries, the highest quality products available. more info | website
Amoroso's Bread & Rolls Amoroso's Hearth Baked Bread and Rolls have been a Philly tradition since 1904. From Amoroso's famous Hearth Baked Bread and Rolls to sweet pastries and hearty bagels, Amoroso's offers the quality we've become famous for in a wide variety of delicious, fresh baked goods. more info | website
C.H. Belt C.H. Belt provides innovative ways to supply fruits and vegetables at peak nutritional value as Mother Nature intended. C.H. Belt & Associates™ is committed to the highest standards of excellence in its product sourcing and customer service. more info | website
Interstate Potatoes Interstate Potatoes is a well established Food service brand, with great quality that is quick to recognize, A product line that creates additional growth and profitability with no brand erosion, with a consistent quality that is 100% guaranteed, and which is backed by stringent specifications and state of the art quality control, addressing all food safety requirements and needs. more info | website
Eggology / F.O.F. International EGGOLOGY, INC. was founded in 1993, at the onset of Baby Boomers leading the charge toward healthier products. Prior to that, only body builders knew the incredible value of egg whites as the only pure protein food available. Eggology produces Egg whites, whole egg, yolks and hard boiled eggs. more info | Eggology website FOF International website
John Morell When looking for quality products, look no further than John Morell. John Morell offers a full line of pork products to suit any need. John Morell Fresh Pork, Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Franks and Deli Meats offer quality and freshness unparalleled in the food industry. more info | website